Company Profile

Liyuan was founded in 1997. After years of development, Liyuan has become a large supplier of electric equipment in China. It specializes in designing, producing and supplying silicon controlled rectifier, high frequency switching power supply, high frequency impulse power supply, high speed negative impulse power source and the network system and intelligent controlling system of the above power source. It has been endeavoring to provide high quality products, service and solutions.

Having many years of experience in making DC power source, Liyuan pays important attention to develop new products. It has established close business cooperation relations with craft brothers from developed countries such as USA. It brings in high technology from them and develops new reliable and practicable DC power source. Quality first, Liyuan has developed digitalized network controlled rectifiers which are of high performance, high precision and non-attenuation of signal transmission. There are Rs485 network control and Profibus-DP network control. Having been widely used in the recent years, products of Liyuan are well recognized by customers.

On the other hand, Liyuan has developed various assistant products, such as ampere hour meter, temperature & time controlling system, automation currency adjusting system, intelligent shaking control system and so on. In addition, Liyuan makes special power source according to special requirements from customers. There are automation periodic switching power source, impulse oxidation power source, multi-routine impulse power source, automation constant currency density power source, electroanalysis bepainting power source and impulse noble metal plating power supply.

Liyuan has three branch companies: Dongguan Liyuyuan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, Jiujiang Liyuan Rectifier Equipment Co., Ltd and HK Liyuan Electrical Appliance International Co., Ltd. Having an area of 26,000 square meters, Liyuan has two production bases and research centers in South China and East China. The philosophy of Liyuan is: profession, brand, creation and service.

Adhering to the principle of quality first and customer foremost, Liyuan keeps on working hard and improving management, trying its best to do better service to customers.